Review: Chicca Mesmeric Lipsticks

Below are my thoughts and swatches for the Chicca Mesmeric Lipsticks. Chicca was recommended by Cherry and I've had my eye on them for quite some time. Recently,  the trend on lipsticks seem to go towards matte and vivid colors-- perhaps because of the season--- but to me they can also look a bit outdated or too sophisticated, especially for everyday looks.

On the other hand, these Chicca lipsticks are moisturizing and translucent enough that they blend and look flattering on almost all skin tones to give a fresh and natural look. They are not sticky and comfortable on the lips. Other sheer lipsticks can wash me out, but I find these very forgiving and wearable;  the colors are bright yet translucent, and that's the best way I can describe them. I took pictures in natural and artificial light, to give a better idea on how they look on my skin.

I also have the Chicca Mesmeric Lip Oil in 01 Angel Blood. This is a sheer lip gloss, watery and non-sticky as well, that keeps lips plump and moisturized.

Here are the detailed descriptions of each shade I bought, with pictures of wearing each lipstick alone, then topped with the Lip Oil so you will see the effect. 

Natural lip:

04 Strawberry Milk
is a cool, medium pink, which is normally a tricky color for me to wear--- but this is translucent enough that it works for my skin tone. It lightens up my lip color and I love the understated look. Also great with stronger eye makeup. 

Here is how it looks on my lips:

and with the Mesmeric Lip Oil in no. 01:

05 Lotus Flower is a warmer pink compared to strawberry milk. It's very flattering and easy to wear, great for everyday looks. 

On my lips:

with Lip Oil:

23 Garnet is the most pigmented, and is a sheer red. Love how it brightens up my face!

on my lips:

With lip oil:

31 Moon Fire is from the autumn 2016 collection. It's lighter than 23 garnet and a bit cooler. 

With lip oil:

I have pigmented lips and I find that all colors blend with my natural lip color to give an understated yet elegant look. I also find that I can wear these without lip balm; they are so moisturizing and make the lips look plump. Unlike traditional lipsticks, they make the lips look young, with a nice sheen. Simply gorgeous! I also find that the colors stay on my lips after some time, so there's a bit of a stain left after the lipsticks wear off. 

When paired with the lip oil, the gloss and sheen is amplified and lips look plumper, without the usual stickiness associated with wearing lip gloss. 

The catch? They are expensive. But then again they're so flattering and comfortable to wear, so it's all worth it! 


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