Trying Out Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

I'm in my 30s now and although my skin is on the oily side, the sins of the past start to show up more prominently on my skin because of, well, age and patchy dryness. My concern is mainly my under eye area (because of constant rubbing during my younger years), and fine lines on my forehead (probably because of sun exposure and genetics). 

I'm in desperate need of anti aging. Good thing Sample Room sent me this! 

I started using this last week, after my trip to Laos. I dab a small amount of cream on my skin concerns--- under eyes, forehead lines, the sides of my face (to prevent crow's feet) and massage it upwards starting from the jawline. 

This cream is rich in Niacinamide and peptides for firming and lifting the skin. 

After 5 days, my face is clear and moist, looks brighter, and lines are less prominent. 
I wasn't surprised at all with the brightening effect, because Niacinamide also has a lightening function.
Im tempted to try it with the Regenerist Lotion/Booster, but I still have tons of my Kohaku Hada lotion left, so I'm okay with the cream for now. 

I didn't think this cream could work so fast--- the results are comparable to high end brands. And I also read that dermatologist also use/recommend this. 

Go get your VIP Points at Sample Room and grab the combo (if it's still available)! 


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