Morning Skincare Routine - Feb 2016

Posting a few of my favorite skincare items here, which I've been using religiously these past couple of weeks:

1. Juju Aquamoist Jyunmitsu Moisturizing Lotion- been using this after the Hada Labo Light Lotion, and I'm loving it so much! It hydrates and plumps my skin so well and makes my skin much more supple. I can use it as a stand alone moisturizer on days when I don't feel like putting on too many skincare products. 

2. Hada Labo Moisturizing Milk- I bought this in Japan, I found this light and very much soothing. A basic moisturizing milk that seals in moisture. It also layers well and pretty much works for me even on very humid days. 

3. Lavido Replenishing Serum- I recently tried face oils and this one is my fave! A very good night time treatment, it has a high concentration of pomegranate seed oil, jojoba and evening primrose oils which soothes and brightens my skin overnight. Just a few drops makes my skin smooth and soft. 

4. Medicated Sekkisei Lotion Enriched--I've used Sekkisei back in college and I found myself wanting to get re-acquainted with the brand again after my trip to Japan. Probably my most fave lotion in terms of smell, it brightens my skin and takes care of little bumps and blemishes. 

Other items:

Dr. Ci Labo Photowhite C mask - super love this mask for its brightening properties, the cotton is thick and the serum penetrates my skin quickly and leaves my complexion smooth and even toned. 

Sekkisui Foaming Facial Wash - another drugstore favorite, this cleanses my skin without leaving it dry. Plus I love the soothing smell. 


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