Quick Review: Whisper Skin Love Day/Night

Image taken from the Sample Room blog

A few months ago Sample Room sent me new products from Whisper called the Skin Love sanitary napkins----with soft air dry cushion technology that boasts of 3 times more absorbency that regular pads. I tried them and noticed how unbelievably soft they are so they're quite comfortable to wear during my period. They're very slim as well and it never added any bulk, which was a bit of a concern for me since I do get heavy flow every time I have my period. 

The pink one (image above) is for day and they also have a longer pad for night.
They are super soft, never stuffy, and slim so you can wear them discreetly. I love the cottony soft feel, plus the pads are longer with protection for side leaks. It's also highly absorbent. It's very good for girls on the go or for those who want gentle protection without the bulky, stuffy feeling of regular pads. 

I like using these for day time, and the super soft material is gentle on skin, and does not cause me irritation.

Sure it costs a bit more than regular pads, but for the super soft, gentle feel and the ultra thin pad, you still get what you pay for.


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