Reliable Drugstore Finds

The weather here is quite unpredictable and the alternating hot-and-cool temperature certainly does not help with our overall health! Hair can be too limp because of humidity or frizzy because of dryness, plus the heat can also cause us to bathe more often which can lead to dryness. 

Luckily Sample Room sent me loads of beauty goodies that are super reliable drugstore staples. Their formulas have been upgraded and enhanced, so I looked forward to trying them and they did not disappoint! 

Hair rescue

I've always preferred Palmolive Shampoos ever since, it's practically part of my growing up years, becauseI find the formula to be  suitable for Asian hair. I actually don't use conditioner anymore whenever I use these. I also find the fragrance more longer-lasting compared to other shampoos, which is a plus if you live in the tropics.

My favorites are aloe (green for normal hair) and coconut milk (pink) for dry and damaged hair. Palmolive recently came out with a new variant to address hair fall -- it has keratin and ginseng as active ingredients. I'd say they're catching up with the hanbang shampoo trend with the addition of ginseng. It gently cleanses my hair and leaves it soft and smooth. I don't have hair fall issues though but I find that this shampoo does not cause my hair to break.

New body lotion

Silka has been around for quite some time and their soaps are effective and sweet-smelling---they recently revamped their lotion line. The Premium Whitening Lotion has olive oil and green papaya, with an added SPF 30. It also has greater concentration of niacinamide, plus olive oil to moisturize the skin. There are also other variants like shea butter (which smells like ice cream) and the orange papaya. 

I also have the new Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap, with charcoal beads, that effectively removes dirt and cleanses the skin. I'm a bar soap kind of girl and I love the fresh feel of this one after bathing! It definitely has more moisturizing properties compared to other Palmolive variants (I used to love the rose one during my college years). I think I have a new favorite soap. It is super cheap and it does its job well. I also love the fresh clean smell. 


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