BB Cushion Series: Review - Ohui Ultimate Cover CC Cushion

I have not gotten over my obsession for bb cushions. They're my makeup staples and I've tried a couple of brands already. Just to recap, here are the cushions I've tried so far:

Laneige Snow BB Cushion
Laneige Pore Control
IOPE Air Cushion XP (the old one, there's an upgraded version)
Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
HERA Ultra Moisture Cushion

And I still have a couple of unopened ones, hehe.. I'll be using up my current stash before I open the new ones!

It's my first time to try Ohui, a Korean skincare brand from LG, the same makers of my fave brand the History of Whoo. They have variants as well---there's Super Moisture, Powdery Metal Cushion, etc., but I opted for Ultimate Cover instead. This is a limited summer edition of the cushion in collaboration with Teo Yang.

It comes with three refills, so you get more value for your money. It's not very expensive either (around US $50) and I bought mine at Gmarket.

This has got to be the prettiest compact I own right now. It has a different shape compared to cushions from Amore Pacific, so it is not interchangeable with other brands that I own:

I'm surprised with the lack of reviews for this one, because I find this very, very good. The coverage is very good, medium to high, and it does work for me, because it blurs pores and fine lines. 

My shade, 01 Vanilla Beige, is darker than Innisfree Long Wear in no. 13, it's more of IOPE/Laneige no. 21. The swatch is on my pinkie finger below. I compared it here with Hera no. C21 (index finger). You can see that Ohui is more pinkish-neutral than HERA, but still has enough yellow undertones. Color match is great, it does not darken at all. 

It has SPF 50 PA++ and has a "second skin" formula for the perfect finish and coverage. As with other cushions, it provides UV protection, whitening, wrinkle-improving benefits.

I don't find it cakey or heavy at all. The finish is glowy. I think it's more glowy than the IOPE air cushion XP. If you're a fan of matte bb cushions or you have extremely oily skin then this is not for you. I, for one, am a fan of the glowy look because it makes your skin look like a Korean celebrity, very luminous and flawless. 

It lasts for about 7 hours, and afterwards, there is slight fading but it still looks good after a long day. For oily skins you may have to blot frequently. I personally like the coverage and the glowy look. This will look better in the fall/winter months. It's hot and humid here but I still wear it! I don't find the formula heavy or sticky despite the glowy finish. 

And it doesn't hurt that the model for Ohui is one of my favorite actresses, Kim Tae Hee!

I love this cushion and I'll keep all my refills because of the luminous finish and high coverage. A little goes a long way and it covers imperfections very well. I love the compact as well!


  1. Hello! I am Shelly from Malaysia. :) I saw this on eBay and I love the packaging so much. I think I am like you now. Can't get over with BBs.
    I have so many on the way from Korea. Haha so anyway, are you Laneige and Hera 21...? I thought of getting O Hui, but not so sure about the colour.

  2. Hi! I am inlove with bb cushion nowadays. Saw this on ebay but I need to make sure that I get the colour right. Are you Laneige and Hera no21? Is this suitable for you? Looking forward to hear from you!

    1. Hi Shelly, thanks for your comment! Yes I use Hera 21 and Laneige no. 13 (for some reason Laneige 21 turns dark on me). I use OHUI Vanila Beige 01, and the color is the same as 21 Hera, though it is more neutral-pink, compared to Hera's yellow tone. In my opinion Ohui looks like skin, has very good coverage, but with a more dewy/glowy finish than Hera's Ultra Moisture. If you're looking for a dewy, glowy bb cushion with great coverage, Ohui is right for you :) Hope this helps!

  3. Hi.. I'm interested to try this too, but wonders if this gives you a matt feel, or shining look? And, where can I order from Singapore?

    1. Hi Zita, it is dewy (or as you put it "shiny") more of a glowing look, and not matte. Not sure though if it's available in Singapore, but you can still shop online at Korean websites, such as Gmarket, W2beauty, or TesterKorea, even eBay has it.

  4. Hi thank you so much for your detailed review! I'm really liking the O Hui product line as well! But would you mind adding the ingredient list too, since I'm very particular in buying skincare that is as natural as possible :)

    1. Thanks Aileen for reading my blog! Sure, I'll check if I still have the ingredients list for this, Will make sure to post it as well on my future blogposts. :)


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