Review for the Guerisson 9 Complex Cream

Ever since I watched that Get it Beauty episode which featured this product with "horse oil" I got curious... Wanted to know what it's about. I've had success with the Tony Moly Snail BB Cream so I figured, why not try another exotic animal ingredient?

Turned out that horse oil has already been popular in Japan. It's a very good moisturizer with regenerative properties--- and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Guerisson 9 Complex Cream is made in Korea, and is made to improve damaged skin as it treats fine lines/wrinkles and whitens at the same time. The main ingredient is horse oil, but it also has ceramide, shea butter, and a cocktail of herbs that are supposedly beneficial for the skin.

It claims to moisturize the skin for up to 72 hours. Wow! I was rather brave about trying out this cream because I bought it during the deadly heat of summer. 

I have combination skin and I have noted before that I am acne-prone--- however I rarely get breakouts now so I guess my skin has changed---- I would not even dare try this cream during my younger years for fear of breaking out! But then, I have drastically changed my regimen through Asian skincare products and my skin is loving all the moisture. I was not afraid to try this, despite the super hot and humid climate that we have here.

Beware though, that this item has spawned a lot of fakes---so ofcourse I was vigilant. I bought mine from a reputable Gmarket seller. But just to be sure, verify if your product is authentic from this link. Also, they have an app which can scan the hidden tag in order to verify that your item is again authentic. 

Take note that I bought this in the beginning of the year so I have the old packaging. 

The cream is pale yellow in color and has a pleasant citrus scent:

What I love about it is that it has a spatula to ensure hygienic application. The cream is buttery smooth and melts as soon as it comes in contact with the skin. It is supposed to be stored below 21 ºC so I keep it in the fridge. 

I love that the moisture sinks in the skin and does not leave a greasy after feel. At first I thought this was going to be a heavily textured moisturizer but it wasn't. It kept my skin supple and hydrated, with a dewy glow. 

I used it nightly and found that it didn't give me breakouts. Quite promising indeed.
And I also found that this works wonderfully in cold weather. We're at storm season already and I'm still using this. Being an all-in-one cream, I was quite skeptical with its whitening claims, but I did see a significant change in the tone of my skin. It makes my face look brighter. Because of the moisture, fine lines are reduced. I think its anti-aging claims would only be visible with long term use.

I love this cream. it is much more affordable compared to my HG creams from Sulwhasoo and History of Whoo, but it does its job well. It is a very good night cream and I will continue to use this as part of my skincare regimen.


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