Rave: Kracie Hadabisei All in One Face Mask

I used to dislike facial masks because I felt I didn't get good results while using them. I decided to try them again two months ago and now I do believe that masks provide a good level of hydration to the skin. I guess that the formulas I used to try back then were full of silicones and the active ingredients were not that sufficient to deliver the results that I wanted.

I am pretty busy these days so I thought that this mask was perfect for me:

I use it every night or whenever my skin needs a good moisture boost. It claims to have the functions of a toner, lotion, essence, eye cream, face cream and mask, as it has 3 types of collagen and 30 herbal essences that provide moisture and nutrition to the skin.

The masks are not individually packed, with a total of 40 sheets so it is good for everyday use. I leave it on for 5-15 minutes and massage/tap the essence to my face for absorption. It does not feel greasy at all and my face looks supple and plump the next morning.

Because of the warm humid weather here I don't put anything else on my face after using this, because I feel that the moisture it gives me is already sufficient. The cloth is soft and is ok, but it's quite thin and some people may complain that it does not adhere easily to the face. I am ok with it though the essence may dry up easily. Anyway, 5-10 minutes of putting it on already works for me.

What I love about it:

-hydrating for my combination skin
-one-step skincare 
-economical for the price

What I don't love:
-not individually wrapped
-material is quite thin and  mask may dry up easily

I still love this and will continue to use up my pack. It retails for Php 750 pesos at Beauty Bar. 


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