5 Days of Chanel Rouge Coco

Okay,  I know I'm late to jump in the bandwagon again, but I just recently tried the reformulated Rouge Coco by Chanel.

It has over 29 shades that range from muted to vibrant-- and covers everything from nudes to pinks and oranges and reds.

I owned several of the old Rouge Cocos and I have to say that this new formula is a lot more hydrating, comfortable to wear and long lasting than the previous one.

See the shades I tried here:

From left to right:

Adrienne - nude beige, this one is really muted on me and would look great paired with a strong eye makeup

Coco - a pretty coral-orange, albeit a bit warmer than what I would usually wear

Emilienne - This is a plummy-reddish shade and would look great for dramatic looks. It brightens up the complexion as well

Roussy - a cool medium pink, very pretty and wearable

Arthur - a warm red that is not too intimidating to wear

Some shades, such as Coco, are more hydrating while deeper shades are more longer lasting as expected (Emilienne). I would definitely love to try out the other pinks such as Edith and Olga as I naturally gravitate towards those kind of shades. But so far these lovely lippies has got all my needs covered. 

In action--wearing Emilienne below:

Chanel Rouge Coco retails for US$ 36


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