Quick Review: Kiss Me Isehan Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF 50 PA ++++

It's amazing how Japanese drugstore brands are popping out of the shelves here in my country (thanks to Watsons, Landmark, etc). Brands like SANA, Kiss Me Isehan, Biore and others are now available here and for me that's all good! I'm looking forward to see more of these brands come here. AT least I won't have to wait for my Japan trip later this year to get hold of these brands :D

Anyway, a quick review of this sunblock-slash-makeup base. I'm not fond of using primers because I hardly wear foundation, I'm more into bb-cc cushions and I'm pretty much happy with their wear time and performance. Wrong, because I got to try this:

It's the Kiss Me/Isehan  Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF 50 PA ++++! I was sold with the high UVA rating. Now I'm seeing more and more PA++++ products here which is good. Anyway, from the description below, it blocks UV rays, eliminates shine, primes the skin for makeup, and covers pores. Heavy duty if you ask me.

While I am absolutely in love with the dewy Korean actress glow that bb/cc cushions provide, sometimes I still long for that matte finish, particularly when the weather is too hot to bear (like right now). 

It has a yellow tint and a thick consistency:

When blended, it becomes undetectable but leaves a subtle brighter finish. It is not meant to provide coverage but it evens out the skintone.

Because of the thick texture it takes a bit time to spread.It definitely extends the wear time of my bb cushions and it makes them more matte. So yes, it takes away the "glow" and leaves a semi-matte, natural look. It also covers pores and does not darken or oxidize over time. It also covers pores and minor redness. It also does not make break out. 

My only con for this is that sometimes, it makes me look too flawless. haha. Not in an unnatural way though. It just enhances the coverage of my bb cushions to the point that pores and minor imperfections are undetectable. Great for dates or special occasions, but I like my makeup more natural looking for everyday wear. I think I would use this on top of tinted moisturizers and/or base with lighter coverage.

NOTE: I do not rely on this as my regular sunblock. This is a makeup base/primer so the amount I apply is too small for it to properly function as a sunblock. I like to layer my sunscreens, so I put on Sunplay and Biore UV Perfect first before this one. It says in the packet that it can stand alone as a sunblock but make sure to put a sufficient amount (about 1/4 teaspoon) for the face. 

Price is Php 450 (which is pretty reasonable). I will continue to use this because it is an excellent make up base and I need all the sun protection I can get. Every little bit helps! 


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