Aritaum Water Sliding Tints Review

It's sweltering hot outside so I prefer lip colors with a lighter feel, with juicy hues that look natural, never made up...but I also want something with excellent lasting power,  a stain that is left behind after the lip color has faded.

I found it with the Aritaum Water Sliding Tints!

L-R: 01 Pink Prism, 03 Sweet Heart and 12 Fruits Punch

So basically, these tints have a lightweight, melty texture that apply easily on lips, combined with a punch of color plus the right amount of shine. They  have a comprehensive lip swatch of 15 colors online, so you can choose which color will suit you (I personally gravitate towards the pinks and reds!)

I love them because of the weightless texture and buildable color. Even the lighter shades are pigmented and last well over 4 hours, and leave a light stain. They will come off after eating and drinking though. I assume that the darker shades will leave a heavier stain and won't come off that easily. Well, what I do is reapply the color every 2 hours, so the color stains more and lasts longer. The pigment doesn't "pile up" unlike other stains--- instead the color stays true no matter how much you apply. It leaves a nice sheen on the lips that fades after an hour or so.  I find this fairly moisturizing. It doesn't emphasize lip lines or flakes, and I don't need to put on lip balm when I use this product. I imagine it won't be moisturizing enough for those with dry lips, because the texture is watery rather than balmy, but it works for me.

Because of the liquid-y texture, the packaging  allows up to 1 mm of product every time you twist it, and once you have it you can't put it back. It's pretty convenient for me because it's quite pigmented anyway and I don't need a lot!

01 Pink Prism is a warm pink/coral that's light and perfect for summer--- like I said I re-apply after 2 hours to make it last longer. Love the pinkish stain it leaves behind!

02 Sweet Heart is deeper that Pink Prism, still a warm pink but more of a strawberry-pinky one that leans a bit neutral indoors. It makes the lips look kissable. Both colors are light enough for everyday wear in the office. 

I bought mine at Gmarket for 5400 Won (sooo cheap----I will get more colors). Haven't tried 12 Fruits Punch yet because I'm enjoying these two colors so much! 

Bottomline: lightweight, juicy lip tints that are long lasting and perfect for spring and summer.


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