Review: Tony Moly Intense Care Snail BB Cream

It's been a long time since I bought and used a BB Cream, because I'm not a fan of the pink ashy tones and the thick finish, plus the fact that I found my HG powder foundation already (It's the Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation). But anyway, I'll be talking about the Tony Moly Intense Care Snail BB Cream for now and my thoughts regarding this product.

It is packaged in a tube with a pump which is convenient and hygenic. Shade wise, it is still an ashy pink, which is still not my ideal kind of shade, but it blends with my skin after a few minutes. One co-worker commented I was "glowing" while I had this BB Cream on.

I did not buy this for the shade, but rather for its skincare properties.. I believe it has 45% snail secretion filtrate, plus a host of other skincare ingredients for firming, and brightening properties. It also has SPF 45 PA++.

As a makeup base/foundation, it was not very long lasting (around 4-5 hours on my combination/oily skin), but the formula was soothing to the skin.I had my warts removed 3 months ago and I'm left with dark spots on my face after the scabs fell off... my powder foundation could not cover them properly and I didn't want to put layers and layers of thick makeup to cover them up.. I used Tony Moly Intense Care Snail BB Cream for about two months, sometimes on its own, sometimes with another sunblock, and slowly my skin started to recover. The dark spots faded significantly and my redness/sensitivity was reduced...It  was  also moisturizing and it satisfied my need for hydration. So now I could proceed with my normal skincare routine, the marks have already faded and I could wear my sheer foundations again.

It was expensive (around 1600 pesos) but it has a lot of product and up to now I haven't used it up yet. It's a good BB cream for its skincare properties and high SPF, and it's great for my no-makeup days. 


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