Review: Ryoe/Ryeo Jayangyunmo Shampoo + Conditioner for Oily Hair

Given my love for Korean skincare it is only natural that I check out their haircare products! My latest obsession are with hanbang shampoos--those which are made from oriental medicinal herbs. I've tried a couple of variants already, from different brands, and I bought full sized products because I like the results.

My focus for today is from Amore Pacific, the Ryeo / Ryoe Jayangyunmo (anti hair loss) shampoo and conditioner:

Just to give you background, I have an oily scalp so I wash my hair regularly, my hair is a bit dry sometimes though from regular blowdrying and from skipping conditioner (heehee).

The shampoo and conditioner are targeted for hair loss, naturally I chose the variant for oily hair. Major ingredients of the shampoo (info from Koreadepart) include: salicylic acid, gold, licorice, ginger, green tea, and other Korean herbs). 

Now, I'm not sure if this shampoo is sulfate-free, it may or may not be, however, the texture and feel of this shampoo is very different from regular drugstore shampoos found in the supermarket. It is brown in color, with a very soothing smell of oriental herbs. It is also not "pearly" like regular shampoos. But it still lathers well. After I rinse it off, my hair feels silky smooth and my scalp feels cleansed and refreshed.

The conditioner also smells very good, and again, the texture is unlike the regular drugstore ones... It is quite thick, almost clay-like (even the color)! and you can tell that it's not made of silicones... I'd say it is packed with herbal ingredients. It still spreads well despite its thick texture, and my hair feels very moisturized and soft after I rinse it off. 

After using Ryoe I made it a habit to regularly use conditioner together with the shampoo. I get good results everytime. My hair feels silky and very manageable, it's growing out quite well and the hair fall is dramatically reduced, unlike when I used regular shampoos. I guess it does strengthen the hair well.. Today I only used the shampoo and my hair feels soft, not dry at all. And like I said, the smell is very relaxing to the senses. It keeps my hair thick and lustrous---I'm not kidding.

The other thing I noticed is that I don't see as much grey/white hairs as before.. I'm in my 30s and I would start to see one or two stray white hairs which stand out because my hair is very black... but after using hanbang shampoos I don't see them as much. I'm not sure if it did help but I guess the nutrition supplied to the hair is also very beneficial.

Just want to point out that I still "rotate" my shampoo usage every once or twice a week-- I still use drugstore shampoos or an anti-residue shampoo such as the Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing, to avoid buildup.

Overall I will keep using this shampoo because I love the soothing smell and the long lasting effects! It keeps my hair healthy and problem free. 


  1. hi there, where can I purchase this shampoo?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello :) I purchased mine at Gmarket global; they have a website or an app to o which you can download on your smartphone :)


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