HG: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in Diffused Light and Ethereal Light

These are my first products from Hourglass Cosmetics and I was very impressed! They are currently my favorite highlighters/finishing powders:

Love the effect of these! In my opinion they are more visible than the effect of Guerlain meteorites on my skin, and they do give that soft-focused, beautiful glow, depending on what you use and under what type of lighting.

Diffused light (left) is more yellow, hence it functions more as a finishing powder to me, taking away redness and highlighting my features subtly. It gives a fresh-faced look, like a "soft ray of morning light" with no over-the-top shimmer, just a nice glow that blurs out pores, redness, and other imperfections.

Ethereal light, on the other hand, has soft pinkish tones that mimics a moonlit glow and oh yes, I'm not kidding because it does exactly that! tIt looks very good as a highlighter, and again it just enhances the skin so well, no shimmery effect, but rather a glowy, ethereal look

I use them on top of foundation, be it liquid or powder, and they give the most amazing results. I'm planning to get the Ambient Lighting Palette as well, just to try out the other shades, because I'm very satisfied with these babies. They are quite expensive, but they are worth it!


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