Sunday Manicure: Anny Nail Polish In 308 Obsessed

I have a hard time maintaining my nails because I always bite them. I used China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier for  two weeks and it seemed to work--- my nails are stronger and a bit longer now. So for today  I'm posting my latest manicure:

Anny is a relatively new brand here in the Philippines. I bought a couple of polishes from this brand because I've read good reviews. Right now I'm wearing no. 308 Obsessed. 

I love this color! This was recommended to me by the sales assistant. At first I thought it wouldn't work with my Skintone because it's quite gray, but I was wrong. It's a sort of a soft gray-lavender color with a pinkish tinge. It's quite wearable and lovely. 

I loved it at first coat, however I want it to last so I put in two coats here. My base is Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment and I topped it off with Orly Sec n' Dry. 

I didn't experience any difficulty while applying the color, though my nails have a rather uneven surface so I might need to buy a ridge filler for that. I'm not a nail polish expert at all and I find it pretty easy to work with. It also dries fast even without the topcoat. 

Another thing---it feels like my nails can "breathe" with this one, unlike with cheap nail polishes I've tried before, which makes my nails feel like they're covered. 

Anny is not exactly cheap (retails for 580 pesos here) but the quality is quite good for its price and it has none of those nasty chemicals found in cheap nail polishes. The color selection is huge as well so every girl will surely find her favorite shade. I've yet to see the exact wear time of this one but I will update my review in the next week or so. While not exactly a unique color, Obsessed works for me--- it is elegant and office-appropriate. It looks great on my short nails, if I may say so myself. 


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