Review: Babyliss Big Hair

My hair is currently at this awkward, growing out stage. It is cut in layers so it is quite difficult to style. What's more, the humidity in this area is insane. The alternating hot and cool environment just wrecks havoc on my hair, making it limp or frizzy and out of place. Ever since I can remember, I just relied on my old hair dryer which has been with me for 6 years. It works fine when my cut was superb, but now that my hair is in this in-between  stage it's just harder to manage. I still have no intention of cutting it right now (I'll tell you why on a later post) So I had to find a good hair styler that will keep my strands in place.

I bought the Babyliss Big Hair and I have been using it regularly. I believe the one sold here is the older version but I guess it's the only product sold in Asia. It claims to give volume and body to hair but it's also appropriate to tame and keep hair sleek, depending on how you use it. It also has ionic conditioning to keep hair smooth and frizz free. 

It is basically a rotating barrel brush, with three heat settings (0 is for cool setting), two rotating speeds, and a left/right direction setting for brush rotation.  The bristles are soft and catches my hair quite well. It is quite versatile, meaning it can give volume or keep hair straight and smooth depending on the direction of the brush and how you use it. There are several YouTube tutorials on this which are quite helpful.

 It's a no-brainer to use and a time saver as well. When my hair is 80% dry (I have rather thick hair), I divide my hair into small sections and let the brush do its magic.  My hair looks great even without hairspray. When I'm pressed for time I just run the brush on the ends of my hair and it keeps them super smooth and tamed. The negative ions do work, and the soft bristles (mix of natural hair and nylon) also help in smoothing out frizz. It does give that salon-like effect. For more volumizing, there is a simple trick mentioned in the manual about rolling the brush and releasing it to get that "big hair" effect. It takes a bit of practice, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

It comes with a protective cap and it is quite easy to store. The cap will ensure that the bristles will not splay out. 

Styled using Babyliss Big Hair. Take note I haven't combed or brushed at all! The effect lasts all day.

I've seen Youtube tutorials where Big Hair was used on super thick, long hair and the results are fabulous. I have short-to-medium length hair and this works well on me too. 

My only con for this one is that it gets a bit hot even with the low setting. 

It's still heat so I'm still careful about styling damage. I use an intensive conditioner and a hair mask twice a week to keep my hair healthy and moisturized.

The price is a bit expensive (Php 3995 or around $93) but I think this is a good investment and the price is justified. No more expensive trips to the salon for me! It is a must have and I can't imagine being without it.


  1. where did you buy your babyliss big hair styler?

    1. Hi there! I bought this at Watsons Greenbelt. I believe they also have this in SM and Landmark department stores :)


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