Happy 30 Years to Burt's Bees!

I was invited to the 30th birthday party for this naturally awesome brand:

It featured a lot of cakes, pastries, and honey bees ofcourse!

And my very own mason jar, filled with water and natural essences of fruits:

The brand was introduced to a room full of beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts. It was good to know that the brand started out small and with their dedication and passion for natural, effective organic ingredients, their products gained cult following and was known all over the world. 

We also had a watercolor workshop courtesy of Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity. I'm not an artist and this is probably my third or fourth attempt at painting (the previous ones happend during grade school and high school)! But it was still fun to doodle and paint. 

What better way to celebrate the brand's 30 years of success than trying out its great products? I got the Foot lotion, Garden Tomato Toner, Makeup Wipes, and the Orange Facial Cleanser. 

At the end of the presentation we were given a nice little thought to ponder:

"I live a natural life because_______________________________"

I try to live a natural life because I love and respect Mother Nature! At this day and age when we are all exposed to pollution and other environmental hazards, it's always good to turn into simpler and natural ingredients, whether in food or skincare, to nourish us naturally and also to take better care of our environment at the same time. 

Happy 30th Birthday Burt's Bees! And also don't forget to grab your samples at Sample Room for your Burt's Bees product fix!


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