Getting Wavy with Hair Wavz!

I came across an ad from the Home Shopping Network and I was immediately drawn to the Hair Wavz demo. After all, I've always had thick straight hair and I was scared to perm it.. and besides, I was obsessed to make it stick straight and thin back then. Now with digital perm technology, it seems that curling hair is not as damaging as before but it's just super expensive. I just like my hair to be as low maintenance as possible. 

Now that I'm older I feel like trying on a different look so I went ahead and ordered it. 
It arrived at my doorstep 2 days later:

It came with the instruction manual, wand, drawstring pouch, and 30 pieces of  Hair Wavz which are color-coded (blue = left side, green = right side). There are 20 big pieces and 10 small ones.It said it works for long and short (chin-length) hair. I have short hair and I didn't have any problems with it. 

It's pretty much easy to follow the instructions, quite a no-brainer, but I struggled a bit because of my thick hair. I pretty much used up all the Hair Wavz just to cover my hair!  

I mixed up all the Hair Wavz all over my towel-dried hair. I also used curling mousse prior to boost curling power.

Then I used blow dryer and left the Hair Wavz for about three hours just to make sure. I never curled my hair before so I wasn't sure if it's going to hold or not.

The result?


  • The curls were pretty bouncy when I let them loose. I think the curling mousse did help. 
  • I used hair dryer to make sure that the heat locks the style in place. Some leave Hair Wavz on for a longer period of time to make sure the curl stays.
  • I find that the curls did not last all day, especially with the very warm and humid weather we got here. So I might spritz on hairspray to make sure my hair stays wavy. 
  • I'm pretty happy with it! It's easy to use, travel-friendly and gives great results. 
Hair Wavz costs Php 1295 (excluding shipping fees) via HSN. 


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