Revisiting SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow - Kakitsubata

Kakitsubata is my 4th eyeshadow palette from SUQQU, and it's been long discontinued, together with Ginbudou, Keshizumi, and Mizuaoi so I consider myself lucky to have scored this:

It's an unexpectedly playful take on neutrals --- it has a peach base instead of the usual white on the lower right, , a shimmery bronze/brown (upper right), a pearly/shimmery peach (upper left), and a matte dark blue/navy, which gives a bright pop of color:

Unlike the sultry Ginbudou or moody Keshizumi, Kakitsubata is wearable, yet bright and unique. The pop of blue adds a brightness to my eyes, whether used as a liner or slightly smoked out. It also blends exceptionally well with the other warmer colors.

That completes my SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow collection--read more about my other 4 collections here (Ginbudou, Mizuaoi, Keshizumi) and a brief mention of Sumiredama here.


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