Beauty Shopping in Korea (plus my Beauty Arsenal)

I'm back from my week-long trip in Korea, the land of beauty --- and yes, I fell in love with the place, I didn't want to go home! I loved the food, the weather, the people, and ofcourse, the abundance of beauty stores everywhere! 

I'm going to focus on my beauty and skincare essentials I brought along for my trip, and I will also show what came out of my beauty shopping. Take a look!

I've been using the History of Whoo Hwa Hyun for the past month and I'm loving the immediate effect it gives----calm, smooth skin, with lasting brightness and moisture. Naturally I brought my travel kit with me during my trip, except for the ampule oil... wrong move. The 7 to 14 degrees weather exacerbated dryness in my skin, dry patches emerged everywhere and I had dehydration lines despite continuous usage of this kit. I had to supplement it with a moisturizing product and I came across Mistian, which is a facial mist with sunflower seed oil. I was impressed! The dryness disappeared and my skin felt calm and smooth again. I'd take dryness over breakouts, anytime!

Other items --- I brought my usual sunblock (Biore Face Milk and Belo Sun Expert SPF 60) for when I go outside, Sulwhasoo Complete Care Emulsion, Hera CC Cream (I love the finish, however the shade I got was too dark, so I'm definitely buying 01 pink beige soon) and 7 shades of lipstick, because I can't be bothered with my usual makeup when there's a lot of exploring to do. 

As for beauty shopping, take a look: 

I'm back to waterproof mascaras, simply because they hold the curl much longer. I'm loving Maybelline Great Lash for now, it's a great everyday mascara. I also saw Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl and got that as well. I tried the Long and Curl variant but I was quite disappointed with it (maybe my mascara was from a bad batch) but still... I'd like to the brand a second chance. 

Stocked up on Shiseido Perfect Whip. Honestly I love the rich lather and the moisturized feel right after I wash my face (without the annoying greasy feel). It's a great addition to my cleansing ritual, together with the foaming net. 

I forgot to bring my cleansing oil so I bought the Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil for a change. It is quite cheap, but then it has mineral oil in it. I don't have a problem with it so far and I think it's a good cleansing oil because it removes makeup and waterproof sunblock/mascara,  it emulsifies well and rinses off completely. 

Holika Holika had a grand sale and I bought their Jewel Light Eyeliners. They Jelly Coating Gloss Tint was a gift with the Kiss Me Mascara (hehe). The eyeliners were very smooth and easy to use, and are quite long lasting! I seem to have a new favorite brand. I tried a sample of their Good Skin Crea Super Cream and I love how hydrating it is. 

I love watching Get it Beauty for its skincare and makeup tips, so I made sure to get some their recommendations. As mentioned, I liked Mistian so much that I bought the 120 ml spray. On the other hand, I heard raves for My Beauty Diary masks so I made sure to get one. This is the Korean version I believe, because the original sheet masks are from Taiwan. Haven't tried those either, so I've yet to see the hype. And unlike before when I was so obsessed with clarifying/pore minimizing/oil control, I opted for the Milk and Grain variant, which is for brightening and moisturizing.

Innisfree is a Korean brand that's not available in the Philippines, so I made sure to buy them as well. I started using the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and it's fantastic! I use it for spot control and anti-redness, it just soothes my skin and minor pimples are reduced overnight.

And even if I have a lot of eye creams to last me for a year (mostly from History of Whoo), I felt like experimenting with another brand because of Kate from Drivel About Frivol. She used the  Soybean Firming Eye Cream with good results, so I'm curious to try it. Come to think of it, I should write a post on my experience with eye creams because I love them and I I've been trying out some pretty good ones. My eye area is my biggest concern (fine lines, dryness) so I'm kinda obsessed with eye cream. 

I loved my Laneige BB Cushion so I decided to get IOPE for a change (again, not available in the Philippines). This is the brand that started out the BB cushion craze, so today every single brand in Korea has its own version of the cushion. I can't wait to try this!

Samples galore:

Other things: More Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Toner, Emulsion, my favorite First Care Serum and Luminature Essential Finisher, History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Lotion, and packets of Jinyul Eye Cream. There are still tons of other products, plus make items... Trying my hardest to find time and write a review, but I have to finish my "normal" work first :/ Anyway, it's no surprise that I fell in love with Korea. Their skincare and makeup are miles away from their Western counterparts. I'll be posting more reviews soon!


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