BB Cushion Series: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion

I want to post a "battle of the bb cushions" because I'm quite hooked with them and I'm eager to try variations from other brands. Again, I'm pretty late in jumping over the bandwagon, but basically these BB cushions have been popular for quite some time now. I just felt though, that they were too expensive (and they still are!) but I'm loving the coverage and natural finish.

Just to give you an idea of my favorite base/foundation, I've been regularly using the following:

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion
History of Whoo Jin Hae Yoon Cooling Sun Cover
Hera CC Cream (a new discovery, I love the light finish)
Sulwhasoo Complete Care (CC) Emulsion 

But today I want to focus on the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion because it's my most used face based in the past two months (and I haven't run out of product yet!)

I used to love the Whoo Cooling Sun Cover but my skin has been pretty good lately that I find the coverage and finish quite thick. So I switched to something more lightweight and I bought the Snow BB Soothing Cushion from Laneige. Please note that there is already an upgraded version of this (Laneige BB Cushion) with enhanced whitening and makeup effects. I bought mine two months ago and the SA told me they did not have the upgraded version yet. 

I opted for a refill so I wouldn't get too disappointed if it did not work with my skin. It costs about 995 pesos. 
It boasts of Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup effects. It has SPF 50+, mineral water and a cocktail of natural ingredients for whitening/moisturizing. 

The cushion is designed to break down the BB into smaller particles for an even and natural finish. No cakey look here! The specially designed puff also spreads the product efficiently onto the skin, and helps maximize the cooling effect.

This is no. 13 true beige. Now, I don't have porcelain-white skin but this is a good match because of its pink-yellow undertone. Also, it does not oxidize. 

The special puff ensures good coverage without applying a lot of product. I had to see it to believe it. I look poreless and flawless in a jiffy!

What I like about it:

- The scent. It has hints of floral and green tones. Seriously, they can make a cologne out of it!
- Coverage - it's a comfortable medium, meaning it will not cover dark spots or major blemishes, but will even out the skintone to make it look healthy and dewy.
-Finish - Looks natural and glowy, not oily. As mentioned, my pores were covered, and my skin looks clear and bright.
-Lasting Power - When used with the puff it won't stay put under the hot and humid Manila weather for long. But when used with a foundation brush, it has better coverage and will withstand humidity and sweat better.  But when the weather is cool, I'm satisfied using this with the puff. An air conditioned room is the ideal temperature for this----it never cakes or slides off and it lasts and lasts for hours.  


- I used every single foundation brush I own to apply this. I prefer a synthetic foundation brush  because more product means more coverage (it doesn't cake) which also means that it clings tightly to the skin, and the flawless finish will last the entire day, until I take it off. I wore this when I was outside for most of the time, I was sweating buckets under the sweltering heat and I thought I was a melting greasy mess. But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked fresh faced and immaculate. Amazing. 

- The cushion puff is notorious for being very hard to clean, and no amount of rubbing and squeezing will take off the product trapped in the puff. I found a way around this though--- I use cleansing oil to remove dirt and makeup, then I wash it normally with soap and water. Works everytime and the makeup just rubs off easily.

-I flip the cushion over whenever it feels dry, and I find that there is a lot of product left. It's quite economical to use actually, especially when used with the puff. 

- I only have the refill and I read in some blogs that it dries quite fast. I just make sure I close the lid tightly and the products stays moist. 

Will I buy this again? Probably, but I need to try other BB cushions first... But I'm quite satisfied with it and I believe it's worth the hype. 


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