Stay Young in the Sun with Belo Sunexpert and Sample Room!

Summer is here, and it's awfully hot! But thanks to Belo and Sample Room, I'm pretty covered:

We all know the importance of sun protection and I'm an advocate myself. I have a huge stash of sunblocks which I use all year round. Note that I have reviewed these  before (take a look here and here). I have used them and they're still lightweight, non-sticky, and perfect for those who do not like the heavy feel and whitish cast associated with sunblocks. I'm glad to have the Transparent Mist SPF 50 though, and I will be trying it, even if I'm quite wary of similar formulas because I get irritated with sunblocks with high alcohol content. 

Stocks are running low at Sample Room as usual, so better grab your Belo Sunexpert loot now! Better yet, join the contest to get a Belo loot like mine, with products worth Php 5000:


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