Colour Collection Hot Hues Event

I was invited by Sample Room to the Hot Hues Event held last Saturday at the Holiday Inn Suites: 

It was a relaxing afternoon with lots of makeup looks and tips courtesy of the gorgeous Bianca Valerio, plus we got to play with a lot of makeup too:

It's actually Colour Collection's launch of the Ultimate Wear lipstick, a lightweight, pigment saturated, ridiculously long wearing lipstick that really impressed me. The colors were bright and vibrant, perfect for summer. It's also quite moisturizing, for a long wearing lipstick! Honestly I couldn't retouch and I had a hard time applying another color because the stain doesn't budge, even with eating and drinking.I do find though that even the lighter shades get darker over time.Seriously, I didn't even need to retouch at all, lip balm will do to refresh the color.  

I love the take home loot too, so many lipsticks and makeup items, plus free mirror and bags!

My top picks: Perfect Cover Concealer, the Argan Oil lip therapy, and the Ultimate Wear lipstick in Angelic and Naked Peach. If you love bright lipsticks there are many colors to choose from. The price point is also quite affordable, so you can get as many as you want!

I also won a raffle prize which is an artwork made of lipstick colors:

Ultimate Wear Lipstick will launch soon, and is only available in the Philippines via Colour Collection direct selling (Tupperware Brands). 


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