MUJI Cleansing Oil Review

Haha, I've used it all up, so time for a review!

I bought this from the Muji store in Greenbelt and it costs Php 395 for a travel-sized 50 ml bottle.

The smell is quite neutral to me. Not completely odorless, perhaps a bit like cooking oil. The oil is colorless as well and from what I know, it does not contain mineral oil.

The consistency is quite thick when I first apply it. I like to apply a lot while cleansing my face, just to make sure all the water resistant sunblock is removed. I hardly use foundation and makeup now, just a bit of mascara, lipstick and brow gel. Anyway, the texture is thicker compared to Shu Uemura cleansing oils. 

It emulsifies rather well, and turns into a non-greasy milky liquid upon contact with water, which I like very much. It turns into a  light milky consistency, rinses off completely and  leaves my face clean and smooth. I always follow up with facial wash though, because double cleansing is a habit of mine.

For its price point, no-frills packaging and performance, this is a good cleansing oil. The 200 ml bottle costs around 700 pesos which is still cheaper compared to Shu, but it's not exactly a bargain. There are other less expensive cleansing oils out there.  Also I would have preferred a light scent, but then that's just me (I'm used to fragrance in my skincare and makeup). the fact that it doesn't contain mineral oil is great for me as well. Guess I'll go to Muji for my second bottle!


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