Sappe Beauti Drink Tastes Super Good!

From Sample Room, these babies  arrived at my doorstep two days ago:

I shared these with my mom ofcourse, I let her choose which ones she would like to try.  She chose the glutathione variant because she wanted her fairer skin back. I told her to drink it everyday to get results. I, on the other hand, tried the fiber with L-carnitine. It tastes like lime water (sort of like bland 7 up). Very refreshing indeed. 

I think I will go for the collagen one which claims to make skin and hair smooth and supple. Tastes like lychee and it has more sugar though. 

The only downside for this is that I cannot seem to find them in stores! It seems they are all sold out! It seems that a lot of people are hoarding them.  Luckily when I checked the Sample Room website, there are still a couple of stocks left. So I may have to grab them again :)


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