Quick Review: The Face Shop Face It Lipsticks

I realized I haven't posted reviews in a while so I might as well do! It's 2014 and I meant to do a "2013 favorites post but I have been super busy and I got sick on the second half of December. I will definitely update this on the weekend just to make sure I'm not neglecting my blog!

Anyway, back to the quick review. I purchased the Face Shop's Face It Lipsticks (P695 each) over the holidays because I was looking for plummy shades of lippies. The first one is creamy matte and the other one is glossy, both in shades PP401.

Glossy is a typical lightweight lipstick with shine, it's a safe plummy pink. It glides easily and keeps the lips moisturized. It's not too shimmery and there are no obvious glitter chunks (thank goodness), just a nice soft sheen.  However it doesn't last long because of the formula.

Creamy Matte, on the other hand, is a good lipstick, it's creamy, non-drying and it doesn't cling to dry patches at all even without a lip balm. The color is pigmented and it wears quite well, leaving behind a nice stain.

Both lipsticks have a fruity-candy scent, which are just okay with me. Obviously I prefer the color and the formula of Creamy Matte because it wears well and is quite moisturizing for a matte lipstick.


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