Loot from Sample Room - Shiseido, OraCare, Carbtrim, Godiva and Digestics

I realized I haven't posted these, so I might as well blog about them! These products are courtesy of  Sample Room. It's been quite a while since I've had them but I do take my time now to road test these products and to do a proper review. 

Let's start with  Shiseido Ibuki loot:

I have the Refining Cleanser and the Refining Moisturizer Enriched. Honestly, I haven't opened the moisturizer yet---I have been too busy I know!----but I'm a sucker for a good cleanser and this Ibuki one is so easy to incorporate into my routine. Shiseido makes good facial cleansers and this one is no exception. I'm quite skeptical about facial scrubs actually and this one has beads in it, but it's very gentle to the skin and it does a good job of cleansing without stripping off moisture from my face. It smells really good too! It has a very soothing scent. 

Next one is Carbtrim and Oracare:

Another generous loot bag! OraCare is a staple of mine----It's a good mouthwash that does its job without the usual sting because it doesn't contain alcohol.I love it! Carbtrim, tastes really good---like tea infused with jasmine and chamomile---plus I didn't get any weird reactions or side effects from taking them. I'm not sure about the weight loss claim though because I'm not really on a diet and I'm not trying to lose weight, haha.

Last but not least is Godiva and Digestics sample loot:

Godiva is close to my heart due to its sunblock, squalane lotion, lip balm and Vitamin C serum---I've used them since college so I'm familiar with the brand. They have revamped their product line but the main ingredient is still the same---licorice extract for gentle whitening. They're best used altogether for faster results.

I'm also a huge fan of fiber supplements because I used to get super constipated before. So Digestics is quite handy. I don't use it everyday though just twice a week to ensure a good supply of fiber and probiotics (which is also important for digestive health). 


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