In Rotation: Skincare

A few beauty products that I'm loving right now:

Suki Face Transformative Cleansing Clay - This was sent to me by Truth in Aging----and I have to say this is a wonder product! I have HG pimple fighters for small acne bumps that suddenly pop up out of nowhere---but this herbal potion works on stubborn big pimples. I just dot a small amount and leave it overnight---and the big zit shrinks and shrinks with no trace left behind! No dark marks or scars. It's amazing and I've only been using it for 2 weeks!

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm - I realized that some things should be kept basic and simple---such as lip balm. This one serves as my overnight lip care because it's super moisturizing, and it leaves my lips supple and rosy the next morning. That makes it a keeper in my stash.

The History of Whoo Hwanyugo Essence - This is crazy expensive when you buy it in full-size---so I'm glad I got the mini version that's part of a set. I love it for fine lines and wrinkles----I actually see a visible difference and this is supposed to work over time. I love the texture, and the smell---very natural and herbal. My eye area is more supple and moisturized throughout the day.

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk --- has got to be the smoothest feeling sunblock I've ever used. I love the clean, matte and powdery finish and the fact that it doesn't really leave a white cast on the face. I'm pretty skeptical though because I'm sure it's loaded with silicones, but i haven't really broken out from this so I'm still cool with it. I also read that it's very water-resistant and is quite tough to remove, so that's a plus. (I'm more concerned with protection, because there's always cleansing oil for removal ).

Olay Total Effects Face and Body Bar - Cool weather tends to dry out the skin so I've switched to this. It really makes my skin soft and supple --- plus it's not too slippery after I wash the suds off. I actually saw the improvement on my hands---the dehydration lines were plumped up after a few days of using this soap. No more scaly skin on my legs as well. I don't have severely dry skin and this works well enough for me---I'm not really a fan of using lotion. I sometimes alternate this with antibacterial and/or whitening soap and it still works great. 


  1. I bought the Olay promo of 3 bars and save 15 pesos. I'm surprised that the boxes are not the same box type like in the orig single olay but it's okay. But I also noticed that the soap's color is different from the orig non promo soap. It's whiter while the orig is like a little bit flesh-like, which is the one I'm used to. I'm worried cuz they might be belong in some soap defects in the factory that's why they put it in a promo, or anything else possible. I'm afraid I won't get the desired result I get from the orig ones. I just bought it to save money but I don't have any guarantee that's why I asked. Sorry to bother. Just wanna asked if it is still the same with the orig even if it is nit in the same color? Thank you :)

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. The boxes of the 3 pcs Olay is different from the individual bars. As far as I can remember what they advertised as a promo item is the Total Effects body bar. kindly check if that is the variant you've been regularly buying. I can only speak based on my experience so unfortunately I cannot comment as to whether you got a bad batch. You can always check the expiration date of the product and it also helps if you know where you bought it. If you bought yours from the major department stores, and it is sealed, then most likely you're getting a new and authentic Olay. You may also send them a message through their facebook page or website if you have doubts. Thanks!


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