From Sample Room: Moringa O2

This is a late post but I just want to share that Sample Room has re-stocked Moringa O2 products and the last time I checked, samples are still available:

Skincare products galore!

I'm currently using the soap and lotion. I let my mom try the lotion too and she commented that it's absorbed easily by the skin and it's non-greasy. We all know that Moringa contains a lot of nutrients beneficial for the skin and it's a great antioxidant. I'm pretty keen on trying the Toner nd the Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil -- which is a multitasking little product! We'll see how it goes. Moringa O2 is from the makers of Gluta-C soaps (which I love) and it has the same fresh, but more herbal scent which is mild and refreshing.

Better check them out while supplies last!


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