An Aura of Light: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae

From  Adora, a beautiful present:

Turned out that the lovely gift was a sample of the recently launched perfume from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Aqua Vitae:

The inspiration for the scent:

Description from the website:

A magic breath, a fragrance between oneself and others, between you and me, a space between us. Aqua Vitae caresses the senses and relaxes the body, making it as easy as breathing for the skin to smell good. A perfume-based Yin and Yang, at once fever and fulfillment, with masculine in the feminine and feminine in the masculine.
Lemon from Calabria - Mandarin from Sicily - Hedione - Guaiac wood - Vanilla infusion - Tonka beans
Starts out as a blend of citrus and woods that gets warmer as time goes by with the addition of vanilla and tonka beans. It is a bright and luminous scent, the smell of skin that is naturally fragrant and fresh. Very appropriate for summer! The hedione has a lot to do with its luminosity as well---it envelops and bathes the wearer with an aura of light, clear and at the same time, very intimate.

This works exceptionally well in heat---I wore this outdoors for hours and I was immediately complimented how fresh I smelled despite the glaring sunlight---the warmth sort-of heightens the scent's freshness. It also mixes well with perspiration.

Like all Francis Kurkdjian's scents this has incredible lasting power on me---around 7-8 hours and more if sprayed liberally. Never mind if this is an Eau de Toilette concentration----longevity is excellent but will depend on skin chemistry. The scent is light and inoffensive and just makes the wearer 'smell good' without the usual connotation of fresh laundry and soap. This can work for both men and women.

How does this compare to my old favorite, Aqua Universalis? The former is more citrusy while this one is more woody and complex. 

It's available in 50 ml and 200 ml bottles, and they are quite expensive (up to Php 13000 pesos) but it is a must-try for those who can afford. 


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