Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex Whitening Line Review

I became seriously interested with Korean skin care these past few weeks---probably because  I'm just super envious of Koreans with their luminous and glowing white skin! I also became  wary with the Western approach that involves stripping off  the skin with harsh exfoliants until the supposedly softer, clearer skin comes out, as opposed to the Asian skincare philosophy where the ingredients are more herbal and are designed to nourish and treat the skin, instead of peeling and stripping the old layer out. (for a more detailed description of East vs. West skin care approach, do check out Hope in a Blog). 

So the first brand I tried is Sulwhasoo, a high-end Korean skin care brand that's extremely popular in Korea and is supposedly the leading brand. I've long heard of positive testimonials for this brand, particularly from long time users.  I tried out the Snowise EX line which is for whitening/brightening. Do take note that I tried this during my bad skin days--I had a lot of redness and my dark spots were very noticeable!  I purchased the trial kit and I have been using it for a month now and still counting. My last skincare regimen was from Shiseido White Lucent and I will post how it compares to this one. 

Another nice thing about Snowise Ex is that it helps cool down the skin's temperature in order to relieve dryness, dullness and other skin troubles. It kind of works with our energy flow, or something like that (very Eastern indeed!) and the main ingredient is ginseng blended with other traditional herbs. Pretty good compared to traditional whitening products that always boast of cellular turnover and exfoliation la-di-da. 

The Snowise Ex kit contains 6 items, and I've used them in this order: Balancing Water - Whitening Serum - Whitening Spot Serum -Whitening Fluid - Whitening Cream - UV Protection Cream SPF 47. As mentioned I've been using this since last month, day and night,  and I must say that it's very economical, because I still have most of the products and this may last me well up to another 2 weeks or so.  Snowise Ex has a very soothing, herbal scent, which is very relaxing, especially at night.  Read on for the full review.

Balancing Water - I must say I'm very impressed with this toner! It's very light, non-greasy and it absorbs quickly. I find that my face looks brighter after using this. My HG toner used to be  White Lucent, but I find that the Balancing Water is gentler and yet still delivers soothing and brightening effects. I might as well skip the other steps because this is already hydrating enough for me, but I wanted to see the effect of the line, so I continued to use everything.

Brightening Serum - a great serum for combination-oily skin, easily absorbed, lightly hydrating. I think I've used my the sample in just two weeks, and I've switched to the Snowise serum old version (without the EX), which I found richer than the new version.

Whitening Spot Serum - I've used this on spots, blemishes, and other dark marks, I must say that there's little improvement and I've used up my sample quite fast, so I can't really comment on this.

Whitening Fluid--- great moisturizer for daytime use. It leaves my skin really soft and it also brightens. It's very light and non-greasy.

Whitening Cream - It has a richer texture and now I'm only using this at night since I have oily skin. Non-irritating though and easily absorbed. The dry patches I used to have on the sides of my face have long disappeared.

UV Protection Cream - I find this gives a very glowy look to the skin. I rarely use it now though because it makes my face oily at the end of the day, but it's a nice sunblock for when I'm indoors. 

Another product worth mentioning is the First Care Serum which I use before the Balancing Water---it has really made a difference. I will review it separately.

During the first week of use, my skin was super baby soft to the touch. I'm not kidding! I've been washing my face my whole life and I've never experience my skin being as soft as this. My skin just became so well-hydrated and supple. On my second week I noticed some purging, particularly on my nose area---and I don't break out on my nose usually----but the pimples were limited and they did go away quickly---with much help from the Sulwhasoo Clarifying Peel Off Mask (more on that later!). I did notice significant brightening of my skin tone. I'm still using this line today and I find that my skin is brighter, softer, and more glowing. I'm even skipping CC creams now and I've gone one shade lighter in powder foundation (which I use to combat oiliness). The powder adheres better and I don't use it for coverage. I still have some minor spots though but they're less noticeable.

Overall I'm impressed with Snowise Ex because of the excellent hydration and brightening. I've gone one shade lighter in foundation so I must say it really does work. However it may take a bit more time to lighten up my dark spots. Compared to White Lucent, I'd say that the moisture of Snowise Ex goes deeper into the skin so the hydration lasts longer and skin stays more glowing and supple. I've read that this may not be hydrating enough for dry skin but it provides excellent moisturization already for my oily skin. However, White Lucent treats redness and mild acne quickly, in my experience.  With  Snowise I did experience slight purging of the skin, the redness/sensitivity has subsided after 4 weeks, and my my pores became smaller because of the hydration! 

This product line is a winner still overall! I love the glowy and healthy look and my skin looks much better! I never really believed that my oily-combination skin needs adequate hydration but now I'm a convert! I'm looking forward to try more Korean skincare items soon! I'm also currently in love with their eye creams. So better stay tuned!


Seriously the best skincare I've ever used! It takes quite a while to work, but I cannot stop looking and touching my face now---it's very soft, smooth and supple---hydration is excellent; I have smaller pores, the acne is all gone, and dark spots have lightened and are hardly visible now! I skip my face base  and all I need is a light dusting of powder for oily areas. My skin has also become 1-2 shades lighter. And the redness? All gone!


  1. Hi Emily Jane,

    I got this from a friend who visits Korea often. But you can find the sample kits on eBay as well, or GMarket. :)


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