SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow - 06 Ginbudou

When I heard that SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadows 01-06 were being discontinued I went into panic mode and started to haul them like crazy. Ofcourse, given their price tags, I would not be able to buy them all---instead I picked my favorite colors. The first SUQQU eyeshadow I bought, Mizuaoi, is also discontinued, and although the colors are super pretty, they are shimmery and can be prone to fallout without the proper brush (see my previous review).  Today I'm going to share my love for Blend Color Eyeshadow in 06 Ginbudou (which means "silver grape.")

The top row contains shimmery shadows (shimmery gold and gray) and the bottom contains a deep shadow/liner for definition (purple/grape)  and the standard matte white base. They are pigmented and yet they can be layered, though I wouldn't call them sheer at all. They apply smoothly and evenly and they stay on the lids for hours without the need for a separate primer. And unlike Mizuaoi, I did not experience any fallout while using this. Overall the palette is a combination of warm and cool tones. It's very refined, and I can layer them to get subtle, work-appropriate looks or dark smoky eyes for the evening. 


This is really cool-toned, even for me. But it does conjure "silver grape" on my mind so I still love this look. Matte white as base (I am a HUGE fan of the white shadow base in SUQQU, it's never chalky and it really evens out the skintone on my eyes!) I applied the silvery-gray shade all over the lid and added the purple shade on the outer v.

A bit darker than usual, matte white all over lid, followed by shimmery gold, then silvery gray combined with the purple on lower lid. I added more of the purple shade to define my outer v. 

 This is more work-appropriate. Matte white as base all over lid, shimmery gold on crease, silvery gray on lower lid, shimmery gold patted on the middle, and  purple smudged on the lashline and extended towards the outer v. 

This is a deeper version of the work-appropriate look, I just added more of the purple shade on the lower lid to make the overall look darker. 

This is a very versatile and elegant palette. SUQQU is designed for women in their 30s, hence the shimmer in their shadows are not overpowering and very flattering to the eyes, the colors are somewhat subdued (you won't see loud greens or electric oranges here) and the finish is very sophisticated. I'm in my late 20s  which probably explains why the brand appeals so much to me now! It's a high-quality palette and a worthy investment for me.  I will be posting more of my favorite Blend Color Eyeshadows in my next posts.


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