Lovin' the Rae Morris No. 27 Radiance Brush (old version)

Let me just say that I'm sharing this particular beauty secret of mine to everyone. 

I've been using this brush for months now and I love it. It does exactly what it says. It's my favorite foundation brush. 

I wasn't particularly lemming for Rae Morris brushes when they first came out, but I became curious with the 27 Radiance Brush, just because! haha, it's like I need another foundation brush in my makeup kit! But truth be told, I'm always looking for good products to add to my beauty routine. I got curious because it's suppose to be super soft and it blends foundation so well. 

Like I mentioned in the title this the old version of the Radiance brush, but I also purchased the new one as a back up (will post it here soon). 

It's probably the most unique foundation brush I own right now. Made of super soft goat hair, it does not feel prickly and just glides and buffs cream / liquid foundation, bb cream, cc cream, and even powder to achieve that flawless and seamless look. I'm not kidding. I'm not sure if that's the so-called "airbrushed" look, but I like my foundation/base to be undetectable, like second skin. And this brush gives me that! I also use this for contour. It's the brush that I thoroughly use everyday. I buff on my base, then powder, then contour, and I'm good to go. It's also great for blending foundation on the neck. 

Super soft luxurious hairs indeed!

The only downside is the price (Php 4,300) but yes, it's available locally via MakeUpPro. You can even pre-order the new version. (Although I purchased my new Radiance brush directly from the website). It also looks quite fragile but it's not. It's very lightweight and can withstand multiple washes. Mine has not shed one bit of hair at all. 

 This is a very, very good brush which I use everyday, and I'm totally willing to invest on because of its quality. 


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