Lighten up with SUQQU Bright Up Lipstick

And my love affair with SUQQU continues!

They recently introduced the new Bright Up Lipsticks as part of their Spring-Summer 2013 collection. I ordered two shades because I wanted to compare them with the Creamy Glow Lipsticks which I have previously used. The advertisement for the Bright Up Lipsticks is quite interesting.  According to the Selfridges website:

"SUQQU Bright Up lipstick goes beyond just beautifying your lips but aspiring to illuminate your skin too. Crafted from a Benihana 'Safflower', this lipstick combats the problems that mature lips suffer such as dullness, dryness, fine lines and uneven colouration. Your lips show signs of ageing just like your skin, losing resilience and revealing wrinkles due to ageing and dehydration. It offers great colour coverage and simultaneously tackles the signs of ageing by providing the appearance and texture of natural skin. This unique concept and technology used was originally developed for foundation, and following its success has now been applied to its lipstick range."

Kind of an anti-aging lipstick, eh? I'm sold. I bought 02 Hanabeni and 03 Barairo:

Bright Up Lipstick - 02 Hanabeni

Bright Up Lipstick - 03 Barairo

Hanabeni is a warmed up pink---I initially thought it would be a cool-toned reddish shade on me based on other swatches but as expected the color came out differently. Barairo on the other hand is a  light neutral-cool pink. It  looks more cool-toned here than in real life, and it's actually MLBB for me. I love it so much! Both are subtle and flattering colors. 

Sorry for the moustache  :p

These colors are great for everyday use, they're subtle and work appropriate, but the colors are quite girly and spring-like as well. They would go with most makeup looks. Even though they're not bold, I find that they do brighten up my face and kind-of blend with my skintone, but not in a nude-y way. That's the best way I can explain it. haha. 

Now for the formula. They're quite creamy compared to Creamy Glow which goes on super  light. Bright Up lipsticks definitely have a more balmy texture. They do not feel 'wet' on the lips and I find them more moisturizing. After 3 hours of wear I can still feel the moisture on my lips. During the 4-hour mark the color finally "sets" but it doesn't feel dry. Wear time is around 5-6 hours, despite the lightness of color. For me it's definitely more longer-lasting and more moisturizing than Creamy Glow. As you can see from the swatch it does not really plump up my lips, rather it goes with the natural texture  while providing moisture. So the formula is slightly thicker than Creamy Glow but still more lightweight compared to traditional lipsticks. 

Because of the moisturizing formula, the finish is slightly glossy and moist, very comfortable to wear and long lasting. 

So are they better than Creamy Glow? I love the longer lasting color and moisture, however the shade selection is limited. I love that they're not sheer and they subtly illuminate the complexion. Creamy Glow is more color-saturated, while Bright Up is definitely more moisturizing. I would have gotten all colors except that they're mostly on the peachy-pink side. Plus the fact that they're effin' expensive (around Php 3000 for a tube of lipstick? c'mon!) it's not at all practical to buy them , but if you're a sucker for quality, and you can afford them, then by all means go for it!

SUQQU is not available in the Philippines, but they have shops/counters in Japan, Thailand and the UK. 


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