My Post on False Eyelashes

During my "learning curve" on makeup application, I realized a lot of new things. One, I was desperately trying to copy these smoky eye looks from various tutorials only to realize that they wouldn't work for me at all because they were mostly done on Caucasian eyes. So naturally I shifted to Asian eye looks, which seemed more appropriate for me. But then the vertical gradation technique is okay but it did not seem flattering to me at all. After months of trying I finally knew that I must learn to work with my eye shape--I have hooded lids with a bit of crease, plus my eyes droop downwards. When I finally got the right technique I felt my makeup still wasn't "complete" because my hooded lids would always cover up the whole thing, so unless it's a close up, my makeup would not be visible. That's when I finally tried out false eyelashes----and truly, it made a world of difference!

When I go for dramatic looks or smoky eyes false eyelashes are a must. I will post about the ones I tried:

For the sexiest, yet natural looking lashes I love Ardell Demi-Wispies. I've used and re-used my pair a number of times until it wore off. I love it for dramatic looks and everyone compliments my eyes and lashes everytime I wore it. It's also very easy to use, and it makes lashes look super lush. There's a wide selection of styles so you can't really go wrong with Ardell. 

E.L.F. makes great bargain falsies for only Php 100+! I think they were the first pair I tried when I was still learning how to apply false lashes. They come with an adhesive already but sadly, they don't hold up that long. Still they're super affordable and easy to use!

I recently tried 3S Pre-glued Lashes recently and they're pretty cheap and chic if you ask me. They're affordable (only Php 350)  plus they're not as messy because it has glue in it, so it's ready to use. I used it about 2-3 times before the glue finally wore off. The lash band though is pretty thick so it doesn't look as natural, but then the band makes you look like you have eyeliner on. There are also many styles to choose from. I got my pair from The Ramp.

Even cheaper are these falsies from Landmark which only cost around 50 pesos. They're not made of natural hairs like Ardell, so they're a bit stiff and not as natural looking, but they're pretty sturdy and if I'm on a tight budget I would go for these. 

I recently bought pairs of these Secret Tease lashes from Jill Stuart because I thought they looked sexy! I bought them from Bobodave. They're on clearance now and I'd definitely wear these for parties. It's too dramatic for everyday use. I also like that they're pretty soft and fluffy  with the addition of feathers.

The Andrea ModLash Starter Kit has an adhesive and an applicator for ease of use, They're pretty lush and cheap for only Php 275. They're available in Beauty Bar. My only gripe is that the adhesive doesn't last that long and I have to reapply.

Another great find is these Salon Perfect lashes which I bought from PurBeauty in Trinoma. 110 Black looks long and natural, and great for everyday use. It's also pretty versatile because I can also use it for dramatic looks, I just load up on mascara and it looks beautifully lush. It's also very cheap for only Php 149. 

For eyelash adhesive I heard DUO is great, but it's pretty expensive, so I scoured for a cheaper alternative and I found this from the Face Shop for only Php 175! It does its job and I don't need to re-touch the glue and worry about my falsies falling off. The Face Shop also makes false eyelashes and they're pretty cheap too, but they're made of synthetic hair so they're a bit stiff, but not as stiff as those found in Landmark. 

How do I apply them?

I don't have a particular application technique, I just follow the instructions and it helps to have steady hands and patience (particularly if it's the first time). After my eye makeup and mascara, I apply a thin strip of adhesive on the base of the false lashes, wait for 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, then I use tweezers or my fingers to apply them on the base of my lashes. If the lashes are too long then I trim them to fit my eyes. 


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