Update: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15

I've been playing around with my Chanel Les Beiges powder for quite some time and I'm now ready to do a full review. I got  no. 20 and no. 40:

Left-right: No. 20, No. 40

This is a creamy, finely milled powder that looks totally natural. About the level of pigmentation, I didn't find it quite sheer at all -- I think there is a decent level of pigment but it is formulated in a way that matches the skin. No. 40 in particular shows up quite well on me even if light swatched; while no. 20 blends and disappears on my skin.

It's not powdery at all and it doesn't cake. It oxidizes a bit to give that healthy, outdoorsy look. The shimmer is also very fine. 

I mentioned before that it can be used in a number of ways, as powder foundation, finishing powder or as subtle contouring. It evens out skin tone when used as foundation but it won't cover scars or pimples so that option is reserved for people with good skin. As finishing powder, I find that it also works quite well, especially when paired with matte foundations because it gives back that glow and prevents the face from looking too flat-matte. No. 40 is great for bronzing or subtle contouring, it just blends nicely and gives a very natural look. 

I'm wearing no. 20 here as finishing powder, and no. 40 as contour--- it gives a natural,  slightly luminous look. I even use no. 20 on top of powder foundation because of that natural healthy glow. It also doesn't emphasize pores or dry patches. 

Note that it has a strong fragrance similar to Perfection Lumiere, it smells like roses. I don't mind that at all and I find that application becomes quite pleasant because of the scent. 

The half-moon brushes are particularly useful --- I use them because they're very soft, although rather thin. They would be great for touch ups, though I don't bring Les Beiges with me when I travel because they last all day!

I'm so happy to have these in my makeup kit. They're quite pricey and I had to get them abroad because they're not available here yet (but I hear June is the official launch) but in my opinion, they're worth it! A natural looking glow that lasts all day is a sure winner for me!


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