Shu Uemura Haul (30th Anniversary)

Shu Uemura celebrated its 30th Anniversary weekend and I headed off to their Rustan's counter to get these:

I'm running out of  my pink clarifying cleansing oil and I decided to get their newly reformulated A/O variant, renamed as Anti/Oxi Skin Refining & Anti-Dullness cleansing oil.It still has green tea extract but they added moringa extract for its superb antioxidant properties. I will have to try this out--- I did like the Ultime8 but it's thicker and considerably more greasy than the pink one. 

I never thought I'd try this, but the SA did a great job of grooming my brows with the Eyebrow Manicure----I was told that I didn't need to use brow pencils at all, just mascara to groom my brows, and I was satisfied with the result! It gave my brows a softer and more polished appearance. The shade I tried was honey glaze, with is a warm dark brown as opposed to the grays which I usually go for. It adds a slight tint and keeps my brows in place. It's also very easy to use.  I love it---except that it's so darn expensive (Php 1850 for 4g of product) but I was assured that a little goes a long way. 

For the gifts, I had to choose between the Phyto black lift, Redjuvenus and the Whitefficient set. I knew I needed anti-aging but my recent beach trip made me choose the Whitefficient set, which contained travel sizes of the cleansing oil, whitening essence,  moisturizing emulsion, night cream, a mini-Tsuya Skin essence, plus the UN underbase mousse:

I've started to use them and I love that they felt moisturizing without being greasy, and as usual, I loved the texture of the essence---I hope it's as potent as my beloved Shiseido White Lucent. The night cream also felt very supple and rich. It's been quite a while since I used whitening skincare from Shu---I've tried White Recovery Ex before but unfortunately I found the results average. Hope this works!

I was told these sets were sold out last week but they have re-stocked, so I guess I was pretty lucky to get them. I'll bet they won't be around for too long!


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