Atelier Cologne Review part 2

from Atelier Cologne website

As promised, here is part 2 of my Atelier Cologne review, featuring their Collection Matieres Absolues----traditional perfume notes combined with fresh citruses resulting in a modern and unexpected interpretation of the fragrance. Take note that most of these are perfume extracts. I'm also including one of their Collection Exclusives, which features bespoke creations inspired by unique stories. 

Rose Anonyme---I love a good spicy rose, like Le Labo Rose 31, or a dark sensual rose with incense, such as Amouage Lyric Woman, so I was excited to try this supposedly fresher interpretation of rose. It's actually very sweet on my skin and remains like that all throughout its development. For a fresh rose I like Annick Goutal Rose Splendide, which starts out rather sharp, but dries down to a soft and feminine rose scent. Lasting power is excellent. 

Notes: bergamot, ginger, Turkish rose essence, Turkish rose absolute, incense, incense, velvet oud accord, patchouli, papyrus, benzoin.

Vetiver Fatal -- a masculine scent perhaps, but I wear it because I love vetiver. It's also very sweet and slightly smoky after the initial citrus blast. The drydown smells of woods, I wish I could smell fig instead! Best suited for colder weather. Sillage is somewhat moderate and it lasts long. 

Notes: bergamot, lemon, orange flower, violet leaves, fig, vetiver, dark oud, cedarwood.

Ambre Nue -- Now this is interesting, a lighter interpretation of amber. Starts out as slightly medicinal on me, but it mellows into a soft amber scent, perfect for cuddling on colder days. Not too sweet but very comforting. 

Notes: green madarin, bergamot, orchid, cinnamon, benzoin, labdanum, amber, tonka bean

Mistral Patchouli -- my favorite of the line. I love patchouli but I don't smell traditional patchouli here at all, it's a fresh interpretation indeed, very citrusy with a dash of iris and incense. lasting power is great as well. 

Notes: pomelo, black pepper, star anise, iris, incense, geranium, benzoin, vetiver.

Vanille Insensee --- Crazy vanilla! not the average creamy vanilla, it's much colder and powdery actually. Like a cozy cloud that hangs on me. I prefer to wear this when the weather gets cloudy and a bit gloomy. Sillage is soft, though, and it doesn't last as long as the other colognes. 

Notes: coriander, cedrat, lime, jasmine, vetiver, oakmoss, oakwood, amber. 

Sous Le Toit de Paris ---Like a spring garden, a perfect summer floral. Lasting power is excellent.

Notes: neroli, bergamot, French violet, geranium, vetiver, tonka bean, musc, white leather. 

So there you have it. Atelier Cologne is an excellent line and if you live in the tropics like I do, this is a must for those summer days and they even have scents perfect for cold weather as well. Who said you can't spray something citrus on winter? My favorites:

Orange Sanguine, for a fresh slice of orange, anytime! It lasts long and lingers on clothes for days. 
Grand Neroli, I just fell in  love with the fresh and creamy neroli here, but the lasting power on me is poor, which is too bad! But this may still be full bottle worthy because it just smells so good while it lasts. Or maybe I can layer it with soap. I am obsessed!
Bois Blonds, Soft woods, I actually smell heliotrope here and it reminds me a bit of F. Malle L'eau d'Hiver. A comfort scent, like a cashmere sweater!
Mistral Patchouli, because it's fresh and it lasts long as well!

All Atelier Colognes come in huge 200, 100 or 30 ml sizes, they offer leather pouch engraving for a more personalized touch, they have coffret collections which are perfect gifts, plus they have candles and soaps for fragrance layering options.

I bought my samples from their website. 


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