Atelier Cologne Review part 1

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The temperature is so hot outside that I couldn't wear any of my perfumes, because they're mostly orientals and heavy on the incense, vanilla, and amber.. Those are my preferred kind of scents, but the weather is absolutely unbearable during the past few months that my perfume stash felt sickeningly cloying and heavy. I had to keep them stored in a cool dry place. That's when I realized that I don't have a perfume wardrobe for the sweltering summer. I figured I wanted something cool and refreshing to combat the heat, so I went ahead and searched for colognes. I've tried Jo Malone before and although I do love them, they  have this very sharp/strong top notes and I prefer something softer and more subdued right now. That's why I decided to try out Atelier Cologne, a relatively new niche brand established in 2010.

I tried out their sample collection which contained all 11 scents---they're beautifully packaged by the way--- and they contain individual postcards with descriptions of each scents! I've been wearing them all for weeks now and I am obsessed.  I will focus first on their Collection Originale, 5 fragrances which have the freshness of the traditional eau de cologne but with the lasting power of eau de parfum. 

Orange Sanguine -- I thought I hate all citrus-based fragrances, I've worn them throughout college and I can't seem to find the "right" one which doesn't smell like dish washing liquid or car  freshener. Well, I found the one in this scent! I'm wearing it right now and it puts me in a good mood. To me, it smells like the most natural, juicy orange. It's simple and uplifting, perfect for the summer heat. 

Notes: blood orange, bitter orange, red orange, jasmin, geranium, black peper, tonka bean, sandalwood, cedarwood

Grand Neroli - At first I dismissed this as a citrus/petitgrain-based cologne which smells like "Angel's Breath" but I tried it again and after a while it bloomed into a fresh neroli with creamy vanilla! I love it so much I can't stop sniffing my wrist. The only downside is that it doesn't last long on me. 

Notes: chilled lemon, petitgrain, bergamot, neroli, oakmoss, birch leaves, musk, cedarwood, vanilla. 

Bois Blonds - A warm and comforting scent which works well with warm and cool weather.  Enhanced by citrus top notes, woody incense peeks through. I love incense and this one is very light and subtle. It's a bit powdery as well which reminded me of heliotrope (although it's not listed in the notes). This has the highest concentration of essential oils at 20 percent. It lasts long as well, although sillage is very close to the skin. 

Notes: neroli, pink pepper, bergamot, orange flower, petitgrain, incense, blond woods, musk, vetiver

Trefle Pur - This is an interesting scent, others said this smells like cloves, but I never smelled one before so I have no idea! After the citrus burst it settles into a very masculine fragrance. I think this would suit guys more but I like to wear it. It has a very clean and fresh-from-shower vibe. 

Notes: bitter orange, neroli, cardamom, basil, galbanum, violet leaves, patchouli, oakmoss, cedarwood

Oolang  Infini - Tea with a hint of leather. Again it's not cloying at all. This one has a very definite, strong scent, slighly smoky, and on my skin it also leans towards masculine. It's my least favorite of the bunch but I reckon it would smell good on someone with the right body chemistry.

Notes: bergamot, neroli, freesia, jasmine petals, blond leather, tobacco flower, guaiac wood, musk

Lasting power is great, I dabbed my samples generously though and they last all day on me, with the exception of Grand Neroli (only 2-3 hours)  and Trefle Pur, which lasts half a day. Sillage as I've said is very soft as all of them wear close to the skin. Because they're colognes they're meant to be sprayed liberally. I can imagine that they would project better and last longer if sprayed generously. I'd love to buy full bottles and the scents also come in soaps and candles. Altogether it's an excellent line which I highly recommend for summer, they're my staple scents right now and they feel clean and very refreshing!

My next post  will be part 2 of my review which features their second collection. 

I bought my samples at their website; too bad they're not available here in the Philippines but they have stores all over US and Europe. 


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