Shu Uemura POREraser UV Underbase Mousse Review

I must admit that this got me curious when it first came out--- I have visible pores and honestly, I don't think there's any  cure for it at all, because I have oily/combination skin, plus it's genetic or something. The best thing I can do is either exfoliate regularly or make them less visible  with makeup. I immediately tried this in the Shu boutique to see what the fuss is about---my mistake, however, was that my skin was in a bad condition then--- so the product did nothing at all and instead emphasized all the redness and spots on my face. I can't blame it because it's supposed to be a primer anyway, but still... I couldn't bring myself to purchase it then because I felt it wouldn't work for me.

Fast forward to now, I'm enjoying good skin, so I thought I'd give this another chance. True enough, it works perfectly now! It's all I need for that polished look. It's not a full-on matte---it has a slight glow---and the pores? They all disappear. I don't need to top it off with powder or foundation, I use it alone. The effect is healthy, radiant skin.

It has excellent oil control properties as well. I do not have to use my blotting papers anymore.

And because it's a mousse, it's lightweight on the face and very easy to apply.

It comes in two colors--pink and beige (I got beige of course!)

I'd recommend this to people with relatively good skin who would like to minimize pores, control oil and give a slight tint to even out skintone.


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