Scented Thoughts: By Kilian Amber Oud

Image from Luckyscent

Amber and Oud are two fragrance notes that I detest, because they never work with my skin chemistry. Pure amber or an  amber-dominated perfume turns animalic and skanky on me after a few hours, and oud, well, it smells skanky and animalic on me too. (it has that sweaty-cumin-y vibe which smells like body odor or something). As I'm never fond of these two notes, I figure I wouldn't buy a fragrance that contains both of them, but curiosity got the better of me and so I went ahead and tried Amber Oud from By Kilian.

I've read reviews that it's a different take on both notes, and I thought that perhaps mixing them would turn into something tolerable for me. And boy I was surprised. It's a very rich, warm, sensual perfume, not heavy or cloying.  No skanky notes, just a pure, creamy-powdery and soft fragrance with hints of vanilla and benzoin. At first I wasn't able to detect amber or oud at all! But the notes were there----whisper-light, seamlessly blended with everything. It's sexy and cuddly at the same time. I love it! It's not overpowering at all but it's very potent----2-3 dabs of the perfume and I'm good to go. I have to say that amber and oud can work on me after all! Now I know the reason why Amber Oud  won the 2013 Indie Fragrance Foundation Award. 

Downside: the price of course, retailing for $395 for a 50 ml bottle. You can always get a sample, but be warned, it's highly addictive.

Notes: amber, oud, bay leaf, cedarwood, vanilla


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