I may have a lot of favorite brands when it comes to makeup, but for my skincare, it's gotta be Shiseido. I've been raving about the White Lucent Skincare Range since I discovered it years ago---I used it when my skin was at its worse---raw, red, acne-infested---and it cleared up and hydrated my skin so my face became "normal" again. I'll never forget that experience. Also, Shiseido is close to my heart because they carry the high-end, niche perfume brand Serge Lutens (haha, it's off-topic but I might as well share). 

So I'm not new to the brand but I am a testimony of how effective it is.  I've been using the White Lucent 3-step system on and off for quite some time now and I give it a rest every now and then to try out other skincare brands. So sometimes, I would use some other product which would break me out or irritate my skin.  I've used a sample of the serum before so I can tell how potent it is.However, the line is  expensive so I can't purchase the entire range all the time. That's why when Sample Room offered the 7-day Shiseido White Lucent Challenge I immediately signed up and got my samples of the White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + Power Brightening Mask.

As I've said I'm not new to the Serum but it's my first time to try out the Power Brightening Mask. The Serum has the Melano-Sensor system which "crushes" the melanin at its source, while the Mask has the Ion Force Technology that promises to penetrate deep into the skin for effective and instant brightening results. It's crush + eject for dark spots!

For reference my skin type is combination-oily, with occasional dry patches on the sides of my face.

I used the Serum for 7 days (day and night) and then topped it off with the Brightening Mask on the 7th day. I would use 2-3 pumps of the Serum on my entire face.

The Serum is lightweight and easily absorbed, because of my oily skin it serves as my moisturizer and I do not have to use a separate night cream underneath. It's non-sticky so I can put on my sunblock and makeup immediately with no greasy after-feel. At night it feels nourishing and my skin would have this nice healthy radiance in the morning.

The Mask, on the other hand, smells fresh and soothing, and I can tell that the ingredients are potent because immediately my skin feels more moisturized. I love the glow when I took it off!

Prior to using the Serum + Mask my skin had little bumps and acne marks with slight redness. I would usually have the worst skin right after my period. My skin was was pretty dull as well. You can see here how it lightened the scars and the redness after 7 days. What I like about the line is that it helps clear acne as well. ( I took the pics on the same time of day, no retouching---the pic on the right shows how my skin reflects the light better).

Here is the before and after photo of the left side of my face, taken in natural sunlight. My skin is much smoother after 7 days:

No makeup in natural light:

I can get away with sunblock or tinted moisturizer now, I just love this! Participating in this Challenge made me re-affirm my love for Shiseido White Lucent. It's truly worth every penny for its potency and effectiveness. I dare say it is the best Whitening Range in the market because it works for me!


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