I want to be part of the Sample Room Bloggers Circle!

I started this blog in 2010 because I wanted to have another creative outlet for my passion---beauty products and makeup. I didn't take it seriously then because it started out as a hobby---I would read on other beauty bloggers in the net and I thought that maybe I could do the same thing. But let's rewind a bit more..

Way back in college, I thought that being a beauty editor was my dream job. I would regularly read beauty columns of Kinny Salas and Lora Gahol and I would save the newspaper clippings as my reference for the beauty products that they recommend. I wasn't so vain then, but I felt the need to take care of my skin and use makeup to enhance what I have. Magazines like Meg and Chalk and Candy were also a staple and very interesting for me. So I got to try loads of products that either worked for me or not. Still I had a lot of fun discovering things about myself and the things I need to do to better take care of my skin. I find it fascinating that there are a lot of people involved in the beauty industry. But since my college course took me to a line of work that's entirely different from my interest in beauty & skincare, I pursued my passion instead through blogging.

As I've said this started out as a hobby. When I started blogging there are a number of prominent beauty bloggers out there already who are much more internet-savvy than I am and have the time and resources to make the most out of their beauty blogs. In short, kinarir talaga nila! And I admire them for that. Despite being so busy they would find the time to focus on their blog. My line of work has absolutely nothing to do with beauty and makeup. So sometimes I feel like I'm Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, haha. I  do this because I'm fond of writing about my experiences with beauty products, and perhaps I could also help other people out there who, maybe, would have the same skin type as mine and would like to know about beauty products that work. 

While it's nice to get free products, I'd still like to keep my reviews as honest as possible because I'm trying it on my skin and it would be unfair for readers  if I promote a product which turns out to be a dud. That's why for my part I'd like to blog about products I actually buy for myself. I'd get samples every now and then, which is very nice, but at the end of the day  sincerity counts. 

When Sample Room announced that they're looking for more partner bloggers, I got interested, not just for the freebies, but mostly for getting a chance to get to know people who are interested in beauty. I figured it's about time I take this seriously and expand my knowledge about people who are directly involved in the beauty industry. It's a great opportunity to become more involved and to get to know fellow beauty bloggers. 

That being said, I surely hope I would be chosen. Best of luck to me!


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