Get Ready for Valentine's Day

Le Labo Rose 31- okay, it's not even an upfront rose--- it's more like a woody/spicy floral with rose lingering in the background. The website says it's a rose for men--- but I think it smells pretty feminine. I like the treatment of cumin here, it's not too skanky, and together with pepper, clove, nutmeg, amber, gaiac wood, cistus & vetiver, it smells sexy, slightly dirty and animalic. It's how Valentine's Day should smell like. As will all perfumes, try before you buy!

Benefit Benetint- Guys don't like too much makeup on girls.  I'd say nothing beats a good skincare regimen (including healthy diet & exercise) to keep skin healthy & glowy. You can fake that sexy flush from within though without piling on too much highlighters or blushers. A versatile lip and cheek tint looks more natural and kissable! Benetint is right up there in everyone's books. And ofcourse, it smells like crushed rose petals!

Becca Luminous Skin Color - After working consistently on improving my skin I would definitely like to show it off! A sheer, tinted moisturizer is perfect because it evens out the complexion, hides redness and other minor skin problems and gives a pretty glow. I like Becca's Luminous Skin Color because it hydrates the skin, has vitamins and sun protection (which doubles as skincare), plus it doesn't look like makeup at all, my-skin-but-better.  My current shade is Sand. 

Your Best Face (YBF)  Define Lip Area Anti-Age Cream - I don't have fine lines on my lips but I do experienced chapping and cracking particularly when the weather is colder. YBF Define is a targeted overnight treatment with antioxidants and peptides which keeps my lips smooth, plump and rosy. No need for a lip balm!


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