Review: Mario Badescu Acne Drying Cream

This is currently my default pimple treatment!

I use it on the face, chest and anywhere I have little pots and bumps. What I like about this is that it acts fast, it vanishes the redness instantly. It claims to heal and conceal too. The shade is quite yellow so it blends well with my skin. However for those with darker skin this may look a bit ashy so be sure to blend well.

I'm also not bothered with the scent, it smells like sulfur mixed with something sweet so it's tolerable enough for me.

Consistency is thick, but I apply it in patting motions until it disappears into my skin.

It's quite gentle too and non drying. Price is not bad at Php795 because it works.

I've tried other acne spot treatments in the past and mostly they have salicylic acid, retinol or benzoyl peroxide as active ingredients. Compared to the MB drying cream, I'd say they're a bit harsh on my skin or they take a bit more time to work. I prefer MB because it soothes instantly, probably because of the aloe content.

I only use a very small amount each time so the small tub will surely last forever!

Mario Badescu is available at Rustans.


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