Sample Room--- my Skincare Regimen & Eye Treatments

Sample Room has uploaded its second batch of samples and you can check them out on their website. For those who have missed the first wave, you can check out the fresh batch of samples from brands like Celetque, Dove and Gluta-C.

I actually was able to get my hands on the first wave of samples, I chose Kiehl's because I haven't tried a lot of products from that brand. I'll be roadtesting it and hopefully I can review it soon and post it on the Sample Room website, and here on my blog as well.

Skincare Regimen

The very good people from Clinique let me try their brightening and pore refining regimen----and I must say I got excellent results! All of them are my favorites----the Derma White Toner is great for deep cleansing and clarifying, the Even Better Clinical Corrector erased my stubborn acne marks, and the Derma White moisturizer is a silky brightening concoction which I use morning and night for a brighter complexion. I use this together with the Pore Refining Solutions Line--- the Pore Refining Serum which I use on my enlarged pores, and the Stay Matte Hydrator which I use on my T-zone. I also apply the Pore Minimizer before makeup for a smoother, poreless look. Afterwards I top it all off with the Dermawhite City Block which is a yellow-tinted sunblock with SPF 40. It really prevents my face from darkening and I just love the texture---it never made me look oily or greasy. I use all of these and my face never broke out ---- I was initially worried that my face might not be able to take everything in but the Clinique consultant told me that the skin can absorb up to seven treatments. Everything is all good, my skin was brighter and clearer. I must say that after the regimen, my current foundation shade (Cream Beige) does not match me anymore. 

Eye Treatments

My main concern are fine lines around my eyes (from constant rubbing) and slightly dark circles. I stay in air conditioned rooms all the time and the temperature just dries my under eyes out. My current eye treatments address all my concerns. Every morning I dab on Lancome Genefique Eye Serum followed by the Anew Genics Eye Treatment (which is an excellent moisturizer).  At night I use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Treatment, which is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. I used a lot of the product one time and it made my skin reddish, so I make sure to just use a tiny amount. Result: no eyebags or puffy eyes, concealer goes on smoother, and my eye area is more hydrated and firmer.


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