Trying out Clinique Foundations

Foundation matching is rather a tedious task and sometimes you end up buying the wrong shade which can be frustrating. Luckily there are websites such as Temptalia  which has a foundation matrix, a comprehensive comparison of foundation shades from different makeup brands. You can get a general idea of what your shade match is but you still need to go to the makeup counter and try the shades out for yourself, so you can assess the finish and find out if it suits your skin type. 

I went to Clinique to try out their foundation range---one of their free services is foundation fitting or shade matching. Aside from exploring their foundations at the makeup counter they give out generous samples of their foundation so you can try them out for a couple of days and see if you're allergic to them. Other brands are not as generous, and personally I think Clinique did a great job here because you can't really tell if a foundation will break you out unless you wear it for a few days. 

I got to try out the Even Better Foundation and the Derma White Brightening Foundation:

Even Better shade is Cream Beige (right) While the Derma White Foundation is True Beige left):

Swatches: you can see that true beige is darker. Cream beige is a much better match but the shade is actually a bit pink-toned, although I'd say it borders more on neutral. It's still a good match on me. 

Based from my samples, Even Better has a creamy finish, while Derma White is more watery and spreads thinly. Both have light-medium coverage and wear around 6-8 hours, after which there is considerable fading.  Both do not have oil control, but since I have combination skin, I find that these foundations do not make me oilier throughout the day.

I highly recommend going to a Clinique counter and getting a sample of their foundations! Their samples last over a week and it's a great way to get to know the brand. :)


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