By Nature Handmade Soaps

I love a good bar of soap. I tried body washes and scrubs way back and my interest in them just sort-of faded. Probably because I can't spend lots of quality time in the bathroom due to my hectic work schedule. Then again it may also be because I don't like feeling greasy all over.

As I got older my skin began to change, most especially during colder months, where my skin would get dry and flaky. I use to slather creams and lotions as well, but as I've said, I need to get out the door as fast as I could so I would  rely on moisturizing soaps, such as Dove.

They're good, but I do miss the scents of organic soaps. I remember buying loads of stuff from Fresh and Lush way back, they were quite good, but expensive. Plus they do not moisturize enough. 

I came across By Nature Handmade Soaps online, I ordered  2 bars to try them out. 

They're pretty big but they're a lot softer than regular soap bars so I recommend cutting them into halves to prevent wastage.

I first tried Dairy Bar, which is made of goat's milk, basil, clary sage, patchouli, and tea tree. The scent is nice and it reminded me of past organic soaps I've used. It is also moisturizing, but not quite greasy. The other one I bought was Total Attraction, which smelled nutty with essential oils of thyme, patchouli, cedarwood and rosemary.This is supposed to be a Premium Bar (meaning it has more essential oils and it can also be used as shampoo) but it did not moisturize more compared to the Dairy Bar. I prefer DB for its sweet smell.

The nice thing about By Nature Handmade Soaps is that it lessened my skin irritations, I used to have red marks on my chest that look like acne, but I believe they're some sort of allergies I get from using harsh whitening soaps. While using By Nature the redness vanished. So I guess these soaps are mild and while they do moisturize to some extent, people with drier skins should still use lotion. Their scents are not overpowering compared to Lush, which fills the whole bathroom when you wash. Personally I like stronger scents, but I find that after washing with By Nature Soaps the subtle scents linger on after I finish my shower. 

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