Affordable Beauty Finds

As much as I love luxurious products, I'm thrilled to find cheap beauty items that work. The best part is, of course, they don't break the bank!  I scoured for bargain items at the mall and here are my finds:

I was strolling at Landmark and I was happy to find affordable makeup brushes that cost from 49-399 pesos. they carry a variety of brands, but I was drawn to Artist Studio brushes because I was looking for synthetic brushes. The paddle foundation brush costs only 99 pesos while the soft but firm liner brush cost me only 59 pesos. I've used and  washed them a couple of times already and they're soft, sturdy and dry easily. Regular foundation brushes would cost around 250-400 pesos. This is such a steal!

Tip: Just make sure to select from the range and have a feel of the brushes as some of them are a bit floppy or have shorter handles. The brow/liner and lip brushes are very good, while  their blush  and powder brushes are tolerable but not as soft as high end ones. 

Next, the Face Shop Lovely m:Ex Design My Eyebrow contains a slanted brow tip and a brow brush. It's very cheap for only 230 pesos. It also comes in a variety of shades, plus it's refillable. I got the dark brown  shade. It looks very natural and the color also lasts all day:

Love and Beauty by Forever 21 has a number of makeup items, but I was drawn to their eyeshadows because I was looking for a gray shade. The formula is highly pigmented and it blends really well. And it only cost me 105 pesos! It also comes in basic colors such as black, brown and purple. they are shimmery shades by the way. The packaging is also very chic and the amount is huge! I don't think I'll be able to use this up:

The K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (895 pesos) isn't exactly cheap, but compared to more expensive high-end brands, it has much better value for money. the slanted tip applicator contains a lot of product, and the opaque, high-coverage concealer hides dark circles and blemishes. I got 03 which is a natural-looking orange shade. Personally I like this better than the Bobbi Brown concealer. This is much less cakey and it sets all by itself without the need for powder. 

Lastly I experimented with false eyelashes so I bought the Dramatic Lash Kit from ELF for only 129 pesos, and the Ardell Demi Wispies for only 370 pesos! the ELF lash kit has a glue so I did not have to buy a separate one. they're easy to use plus I just followed the instructions from the packet plus the instructional videos on YouTube. I have to say that I'm getting the knack of it! Both lashes are beautiful when worn but I love the Demi Wispies for that sleepy, sexy lash effect: 

With ELF Dramatic Lash Kit:

Ardell Demi Wispies:


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