Love: Tom Ford Cheek Brush

It's been ages since I bought a new makeup brush. My brush collection mainly consist of Mac and Charm makeup brushes, with a couple of other brands (Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Real Techniques, Ecotools). Mostly I invest in good foundation and eye brushes, but I realized that I've been neglecting cheek brushes. So I decided to splurge on Tom Ford because it received good reviews.  It's not available here in the Philippines so I ordered mine from my trusty online shop, House of Flair. 

And it did not disappoint. It's super gorgeous:

All brushes are judged based on their texture and performance. Tom Ford Beauty Cheek Brush (06) retails for US $75, but it's a worthy investment. I use it everyday and I literally shelved all my other blush brushes in favor of this one. 

It's super soft. Probably the softest brush I currently own. It looks and feels luxurious with the pristine soft hairs and the gold ferrule and black handle. As expected, this brush is made in Japan. Such a pleasure to use!

It's densely packed, but it performs so well. it  gives me the perfect blush application. It's so versatile, it can work for pigmented blushes (I just feather it lightly on my cheeks) or the not so pigmented ones (it picks up a good amount of color). Gossmakeupartist reviewed this and he showed how to use this for wide or smaller cheeks. 

It also dries fast and washes well, no shedding for me after several washes. 

Is this a must have? not really,plus there's the price to consider, but this is the only blush brush that works for me. This is definitely a keeper! 


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